Celano & Asociados Abogados is a law firm based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that for over a decade has been representing emerging, mid-size and multinational companies with Argentine immigration matters. Celano & Asociados undertakes not only immigration processing and compliance matters, but also immigration litigation.

Our lawyers are registered with the following professional and regulatory bodies: AILA
(the American Immigration Lawyers Association), ABA (the American Bar Association), the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación), the Capital Federal Bar Association (Colegio Publico de Abogados de Capital Federal), the Province of Buenos Aires Bar Association (Colegio Público de Abogados de la Provincia de Buenos Aires).
We are also registered attorneys of the Argentine Immigrations Agency (Registro de Apoderados de la Dirección Nacional de Migraciones).
We diligently monitor the constant changes in the law to ensure that our clients are in compliance with the ever-changing regulations. We also keep in constant contact with clients so that they remain informed of the status of their case and also the nature of the legal process and its related consequences to their individual situations.
At our firm the use of technology is a key strategic asset, we use Dropbox Business for cloud data storage and secure data transfer, Inszoom for case management and tracking and Immiguru for immigration knowledge database.

The lawyers of our team:

H. Gabriel Celano, Partner. He studied law at University of Belgrano where he graduated in 2001. He is adjunct professor of Immigration Law at the Immigration Master program of UNTREF University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is licensed to practice law in the City and Province of Buenos Aires and with the Argentine Supreme Court. He is also a registered attorney at the Argentine
Immigrations Department. He has extensive experience managing business immigration matters, with specific expertise handling technical and employment residencies for small, mid- size, and large corporations. He is also responsible for advising corporate clients on compliance with the Argentine Immigrations Department.

Javier Paz, Partner. He studied law at the National University of Tucuman, where he graduated with honors in 2001. He practiced Civil and Commercial law, and was also adjunct professor of Bankruptcy Law at UNT University. He is licensed to practice law in the City of Buenos Aires, as well as in province districts. He is also a registered attorney at the Argentine Immigrations Department. He is in charge of the immigration trial practice of the firm, which includes claims and complaints against the Immigrations Agency for undue delay, rejections and deportations in Federal Court.