Local Knowledge: We have in-depth experience in handling transactions and disputes in Argentina. Our team is committed to helping you assess the opportunities, navigate the obstacles with local know-how, and manage the risks of settling and doing business in Argentina. A solid understanding of the language and the cultural differences unique to many Latin American countries gives our team a value-added, competitive advantage in your cross-border business dealings. From the importance of personal relationships to the emphasis on formality, our legal team has the regional experience and expertise to interpret Argentine business customs and traditions and apply them toward your potential for success.

Personal Attention: Our attorneys will always accompany you to take care of all filings and applications when your physical presence is required. As a client of our firm you will be supported by lawyers that deal with the Government immigration authorities on a day-to-day basis, have access to the full library of immigration regulations and constantly monitor changes in immigration law. We will protect you from the risk of refusal or unnecessary delay by submitting a fully documented case on your behalf in the format requested by the relevant official authority.

The Extra Mile: Our firm goes the extra mile for all of our clients. Our clients can always expect superior legal research and representation from our firm. To us, however, going the extra mile means more, and this effort includes: keeping clients informed of all options and developments in a case, ensuring that clients have time to review and approve documents before those documents are filed and getting cases resolved as quickly as the legal system will permit.

Fee Estimates: We are one of few law firms which will set a realistic budget for our clients and stick to it. Blog Access: As a client, you have free online access to our Blog´s exclusive content.